Our Teaching Method

Learn Dutch Fast courses are made to fit your needs: your background, job, interests, mother tongue and learning style are taken into account when the training is planned. You will learn Dutch you can use! You won't be working from a standard book. The course is not about John or Lisa, but about YOU!

Every activity is designed to bring you from the level you are at to where you want to go. You won't have to lose time going over things you already know or things that are not important to you. This will triple your performance compared to standard teaching methods. More importantly, you will find that learning can be fun.

Learn Dutch Fast courses are made to fit your needs

  • A short assessment (written or by phone/Skype) will be used to determine what your objectives are and at what level of Dutch you are.
  • Small groups (2-5 participants).
  • Mostly Immersion Courses (3 - 14 days), so new things will be implemented during the lesson.
  • Not: learn, learn, learn and then maybe speak, but speak and learn faster, because it will create questions you could ask me. It is an integrated model of learning & speaking.
  • I don't believe in teaching out of standard textbooks! The activities for the next day will be prepared the night before, to make sure all your difficulties, questions and new words from the day before will reappear the next day in another context, until you are comfortable using it all. You will receive useful handouts created especially for you.
  • No traditional classrooms or boring meeting rooms! Classes take place in a relaxed environment that will feed your curiosity. I dare you to make as many mistakes as you can, but different ones than the day before.
  • A mix of powerful brain-friendly activities (using teaching methods such as Suggestopedia, Accelerated Learning Techniques, NLP, TPR) always tailored to your needs, developed during more than 20 years of teaching, research and refining.
  • Included in the whole-brain learning courses are: mind maps, flash cards, jokes, special music, pictures, brain teasers, walk & talks (award winning activity), songs, anything else that turns out to be working for you.
  • To give the brain enough oxygen to process new information, you will have to move around a lot during the activities (inside and outside).
  • Real life situations will be used to improve your Dutch. (Speak to your neighbours, colleagues, boss, school teacher, go shopping, etc.)
  • Grammar ís an important part of a language, and you will need it in order to improve, but you usually learn it best when it is integrated in useful everyday language. The "rules" will be taught in easy-to-remember formats like rhymes (For example during our daily Dutch Drill Walks), or mind-maps.


To tell you the truth I have never come across such a talented teacher like Syl. She is fun, enthusiastic and dedicated in teaching you everything you would want to learn about the Dutch language.

I have now (I have lived here for only two years now) passed my "inburgering" exams with flying colours. I will not hesitate to recommend this lady to anybody who would like to learn and understand the Dutch language.

To cut a long story short, she is a genius in the field. When I started I knew nothing and all the compliments go to Syl because of her dedication.

Wishing you all the best and hope to hear from you soon in Dutch.


Kebba (English Language Teacher from Gambia
after Total Immersion 1, Total Immersion 2 and some Dutch Mornings)

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