Dutch Course Levels

Dutch Course levels

Learn Dutch Fast offers courses on 4 levels: level 1, 1.5, 2 and 3. You can find a detailed description of those four levels below.

First some thoughts on course levels:

  • Some people like to feel comfortable and tend to chose groups at a lower level, other people like to be challenged and might chose a group at a slightly higher level than they are. During the Learn Dutch Fast courses, that won't be a problem: the activities offered are mostly multi-level, and if necessary, you will receive your own activity. This is possible, since the groups are small (3-5 people).

  • Despite the fact that I always try to create more or less homogeneous groups by taking background, mother tongue and wishes into account, you need to be aware that whereas complete beginners' groups are by nature quite homogeneous, more advanced groups can have participants at more diverse levels, since not everyone improves in the same subject or has the same objectives.
    Some people don't mind making grammatical errors, as long as they can get their message across, while other people will (want to) know a lot of grammar, but have a hard time speaking Dutch.

  • If you have no idea what course level would be good for you, please, do not hesitate to contact me or take the free test on this site to get a rough indication of your level.

Level 1 - Discover Dutch
Compares to ERK-Level 0 to A1

Complete beginners; you may recognise and/or use some words, but can't build your own sentences.

In order to reach level 2, you'll need more words, a good pronunciation, some basic expressions and tools to form sentences. Your ear needs to learn to recognise Dutch sounds/words, so when you start speaking Dutch, you'll be able to understand the replies ;-)

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Level 1.5 - Who's Afraid of Dutch?
Compares to ERK-Level A1to A2 (but mostly passive knowledge)

You've either picked up some Dutch yourself, or followed a course in which you have learned a little ABOUT Dutch, but you have no confidence yet speaking it.

In order to reach level 2, your Dutch needs to be activated, and you'll probably need more words. Some gaps will have to be filled before you have enough confidence to speak the language.

Note: Students who have completed a Total Immersion 1 at Learn Dutch Fast can usually skip this level and move on to level 2 immediately.

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Level 2 - Now you're talking!
Compares to ERK-Level A2 to B2

Your pronunciation is good in most cases; you can build your own sentences in present tense and possibly in the past tense as well. You know about word order (but might not be perfect) and you feel more or less comfortable speaking Dutch, but want to improve. You need a bigger vocabulary, and maybe more structure. You do not want to use Dutch as a primitive communication tool, but as a mirror of your personality.

In order to reach the next level, you'll need to get rid of embedded mistakes, learn more grammar and idiom, and feel more confident using longer sentences (with so-called subordinate clauses). Also, you might want to talk about more higher-level subjects like politics and the news.

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Level 3 - Op naar de Top
Compares to ERK-Level B2- C1

You have implemented Dutch in your daily life; you have no problem writing letters, understanding people, television, etc. But you would like to dot the i's and cross the t's.
E.g.: (prepositions in) idiom, when does the adjective get an -e, being able to attend meetings, writing proposals.

Of u bent Nederlander en u zoekt een cursus om uw schriftelijk Nederlands verbeteren. (De spelling van werkwoorden, het verschil tussen hun en hen, etc.)
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