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Living in Holland

Improve your Dutch

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Living in Holland

The latest news headlines from Holland.


The pioneer in recruitment of international business sector personnel in the Netherlands.

bArtWorks is an excellent English/Dutch speaking handyman service. 06-44066172.

Get to know Amsterdam without detours! (In Dutch, German, English and Spanish).

General Information Health Insurance.

Improve your Dutch

Practise your Dutch on-line with the Dutch Drills that Sylvia (trainer of Learn Dutch Fast) has created for you. Of course, there are also Dutch exercises on this site.

Download the free app and find your tandem partner to practice your Dutch.

Many clips, exercises and useful lesson material.


Fun on-line exercises.


Don't make your appointment into a disappointment: learn how to tell time in Dutch!

Watch television programs, some of them are captured. For more advanced learners.

Take a the official, international exam of Dutch as a Foreign Language, every first half of May, at Learn Dutch Fast. (Register before March 15th)

Worksheets to improve your Dutch, or for children in a Dutch school (group 6/7)

Beautiful digital children's books, read out loud (choose: "meelezen", so you can see the text)

My Personal Favorites

If you would like a drawing/painting of your pet.

Learn French with pleasure!

To order self study material: Accelerated Learning Dutch.

For trainers: the best resource to create interactive presentations.

Planning a visit to Vietnam? Contact Anh for tips & learning the language: 030-6341267.

Everything to do with life changing nutrition: cooking workshops, talks, books, detox groups and lots more.

Sylvia can help you and/or your pets with certain health problems with help of a "biosensor". E.g. vitamin tests.


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